Wedding Organizations
We plan all the details in your wedding organizations and produce absolute satisfaction with our expert team.
Company Activity Organizations
Companies organize different organizations each year with brand awareness, personnel motivation,
Outdoor- Indoor Activities
Beyaz Kareler Event has many years of experience in outdoor - indoor activity planning and management.
Premiere Night Organizations
Companies want the promotion of a new product or service to be flawless since it is the first day of meeting customers.
Special Day Organizations
We realize every organization by perceiving all processes correctly, from choosing the right plans, right equipment and right place.
Picnic and Fair Organizations
We produce end-to-end professional services in the picnic and fair organizations that companies organize for their employees and their families every year.
RoadShow Organizations
Roadshow Organizations is a very effective marketing event study that provides face-to-face promotion to the consumers among the sales activities of brands.
Graduation Organizations
With our Graduation Organization capability, we offer end-to-end solutions for every budget.
Graduation Shots
Unforgettable memories with our technological equipment that captures every moment in your graduation shots We have created.
End of Year Events
We produce fun events that increase motivation with Year-End Events with different venues and ideas.