Who are we ?

The ones who do their job best are those who love their job the most.

The ones who do their job best are those who love their job the most.

In our adventure that started 15 years ago, the Beyaz Kareler Event was established by relying on the infinity of a young and equally dynamic team, the most important value of imagination.

The services we produce require the ability to produce high quality services while acting according to high imagination, a hardworking team with discipline as a principle and corporate workflows. Dominate our business we pride ourselves on our ability to be as precise and to produce meticulously as we are. While our investments in our equipment with our wide range of services, knowledge, technology and developing technology meet customer needs and expectations, with absolute customer satisfaction.

The Organization and Production company that continues to grow has created our profile. One of the most important pillars of the profile of the company, which led us to success and preferred, is that we are constantly asking this question to each other. 'What would we want if we were getting the service requested from us' Answering the answer to the question every day if you were requesting the same service before meeting the customer expectations created excellent service purchase satisfaction in customer expectations.

Our investments to meet the increasing customer expectations with young, disciplined and developing technology have brought us success in every project. While we meet corporate customer expectations with our production solutions, we continues to grow with our wedding organization company locals and happy couples. Of course you should prefer us.

Because we really love our job.

Beyaz Kareler Event Team.